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Raena & Brad Metzger

Queen Bae & Supreme Overlord

Owner,  Brad Metzger bought the "shack" in 2007.  While Raena manages the bar and events, Brad works closely with the kitchen.  A genuine family team, working to keep the feeling of the by-gone days of the glamorous Big Band era of Rio Nido. Every weekend bands roll in to this eclectic wayside eatery performing danceable music from the 20's, 30's, rock and roll, county, french folk, reggae and jazz. There's great American-Pub style food, daily fresh and innovative specials, breakfast on weekends, a full bar with 15 craft beers on tap and a swimming pool and snack bar in the Summer time.


Kitchen Whip & Master Baker

We're so lucky to have Laura in the family. She Manages the kitchen, and is one of the hardest workers around. A well rounded woman, who can do it all! Her artistic talents are tough to beat when it comes to her sweet treats. Laura bakes our in house Wedding Cakes, Birthday Cakes, pies and amazing cookies!


The Mouth!

Mel can talk with you on just about any subject. She's fun, feisty and our resident mixologist- she loves to play with flavor profiles and has become quite the beer nerd!

Kayla Roberts

Preparer of Taste Sensations

Kayla began with the Roadhouse family working Summers at the Snack Shack. Over the years and after her culinary training at Santa Rosa Junior College along with her natural skills; Kayla went from a teenager slanging ice cream cones to top knife in the kitchen. 


Kilroy Was Here

The history of Kilroy dates back to WWII. Kilroy was a symbol used by United States soldiers as sort of a "Super GI," he had always "already been" wherever GIs went.  It was originally an inspection mark that had a drawing and read, "Kilroy Was Here." As soldiers began to see his mark it struck a chord with them and soon began to spread all over Europe and the South Pacific.  "Fuzzums," as we affectionately call him, was Brad's drawing and has become the Roadhouse signature, with a martini glass and overlooking the rising river.

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